More Javascript with Anki

I wrote a piece previously about using JavaScript in Anki cards. Although I haven’t found many uses for employing this idea, it does come up from time-to-time including a recent use-case I’m writing about now. After downloading a popular French frequency list deck for my daughter to use, I noticed that it omits the gender of nouns in the French prompt. In school, I was always taught to memorize the gender along with the noun.

JavaScript in Anki cards

[N.B. 2016-03-26 Nathan Ifill pointed out that it is possible to use Anki’s built-in conditional replacement feature to do what I’m illustrating. I’ll have to work on another example!] Anki is a widely-used flashcard application. If you’re learning a foreign language and you’re not using Anki, you should be. If you are using Anki and are picky about the appearance of the cards, you should know that JavaScript can be used in the card template.

Organizing knowledge for memorization

Memorization has a bad reputation in education today, but it underpins the abilities of all sorts of high-performing people. I often refer to this article from 1999 about how to better organize information for memorization. My favorite pieces of advice: Do not learn (memorize) if you do not understand. Stick to the minimum information principle. Use imagery Avoid sets and enumerations Use mnemonic techniques.