Using fswatch to dynamically update Obsidian documents

Although I’m a relative newcomer to Obsidian, I like what I see, especially the templating and data access functionality - both that provided natively and through the Templater and Dataview plugins. One missing piece is the ability to dynamically update the YAML-formatted metadata in the frontmatter of Obsidian’s Markdown documents. Several threads on both the official support forums and on r/ObsidianMD have addressed this; and there seems to be no real solution.

Week functions in Dataview plugin for Obsidian

There are a couple features of the Dataview plugin for Obsidian that aren’t documented and are potentially useful. For the start of the week, use date(sow) and for the end of the week date(eow). Since there’s no documentation as of yet, I’ll venture a guess that they are locale-dependendent. For me (in Canada), sow is Monday. Since I do my weekly notes on Saturday, I have to subtract a couple days to point to them.

Scraping Forvo pronunciations

Most language learners are familiar with Forvo, a site that allows users to download and contribute pronunciations for words and phrases. For my Russian studies, I make daily use of the site. In fact, to facilitate my Anki card-making workflow, I am a paid user of the Forvo API. But that’s where the trouble started. When the Forvo API works, it works OK, often extremely slow. But lately, it has been down more than up.

A regex to remove Anki's cloze markup

Recently, someone asked a question on r/Anki about changing and existing cloze-type note to a regular note. Part of the solution involves stripping the cloze markup from the existing cloze’d field. A cloze sentence has the form Play {{c1::studid}} games. or Play {{c1::stupid::pejorative adj}} games. To handle both of these cases, the following regular expression will work. Just substitute for $1. {{c\d::([^:}]+)(?:::+[^}])}} However, the Cloze Anything markup is different. It uses ( and ) instead of curly braces.

Extracting title title of a web page from the command line

I was using a REST API at but it seems awfully fragile. Sure enough this morning, the entire application is down. It’s also not open-source and I have no idea who actually runs this thing. Here’s the solution: #!/bin/bash url=$(pbpaste) curl $url -so - | pup 'meta[property=og:title] attr{content}' It does require pup. On macOS, you can install via brew install pup. There are other ways using regular expressions but no dependency on pup but parsing HTML with regex is not such a good idea.

Three-line (though non-standard) interlinear glossing

Still thinking about interlinear glossing for my language learning project. The leizig.js library is great but my use case isn’t really what the author had in mind. I really just need to display a unit consisting of the word as it appears in the text, the lemma for that word form, and (possibly) the part of speech. For academic linguistics purposes, what I have in mind is completely non-standard. The other issue with leizig.