Frequently given answers

What is Ojisan Seiuchi?

おじさんセイウチ in hiragana, one of the Japanese syllabaries. It means “Uncle Walrus.” That’s a long story.1

What do you do for a living?

I’m a bon vivant.

That’s it?

Of course not.

I think I may know you. Are you the guy that…?

You’ll have to ask me. See How can I reach you? below. I don’t like posting detailed identifying information online.

Why do you write so much about U.S. politics if you live in Canada?

I’m a U.S. citizen and even though I live in Canada, they still make me file taxes in the U.S. So as long as I pay taxes in the U.S. I feel free to vote there and offer my opinions.

Can I like you on Facebook?

No. I’m not on Facebook. As of January 2016, you can find me there. I eventually gave in and went on Facebook in order to stay in touch with friends and family after a long move.

How can I reach you?

Use my contact page.

You write about a lot of stuff. Why?

I’m opinionated and I don’t sleep enough.

How can I comment on an article?

You can’t. At least not right now. Why? When I had comments turned on previously, the time spent managing comments was more than I had available. You can contact me as above if you need to.

  1. Here’s the long story. When I was a kid, our school offered a Russian language class. It was during the Cold War and a Soviet takeover seemed to be on everyone’s minds; so why not? In the class, we learned that they call Santa Claus “Дед Мороз” which means “Grandfather Frost.” I thought it was a funny name because it sounds like “дядя морж” which means “Uncle Walrus.” So there. ↩︎