Monthly report 2019-11-30



My plan is to complete the 10,000 Brown Russian vocabulary list by the end of the year.^[I previously mentioned that I wanted to finish by May 2020; but that would require so much input that I grew worried that the effort might result in fragile memory of the words.] Over the past few weeks, I’ve been adding about 10 words a day. This seems a little tough; but manageable.

During the month, I added 353 new Russian words in Anki. During the same period, I added 149 new sentences and 196 new grammar cards.

In the main vocabulary deck my 30 days true retention rate was 91.0% while completing 10,819 reviews for a total of 705 minutes.

Health and fitness

I lifted weights a total of xx times over the month and worked out for xxx minutes. Importantly, I feel much better, month-by-month.



I practiced the piano for a total of xxx minutes.

Time efficiency