Monthly report 2019-10-31

This month I worked very hard on re-establishing some important habits, including habit-tracking, that had lapsed after some setbacks. The stats are a little odd because I didn’t start tracking everything until sometime well into the month.



In an effort to complete the 10,000 word Brown Russian vocabulary list by the end of May 2020, I need to do at least 15 words a day. This month, I logged 395 new Russian words in Anki. These words are often, but not always accompanied by example sentences that I study in a separate deck. This month, I added an additional 348 new sentences and 83 new grammar cards.

In my main vocabulary deck my 30 day true retention rate was 90.4%, while completing 9636 reviews for a total of 532 minutes.

Health and fitness

I lifted weights a total of 23 times over the month and worked out for 180 minutes. I logged having brushed my teeth 16 times and flossed 13 times. Again, I only started tracking things around the middle of the month.


In my habit tracker, I logged 108 pages read, but suspect it was much for than that. I have a hard time tracking pages read.


I practiced the piano for a total of 200 minutes.

Time efficiency

Social media can be a time-sink. I logged having used Facebook only once, Instagram 13 times, and the latter for a total 31 minutes during the month.


It has taken a lot of energy to track and reboot these habits. It feels like a solid start.