Resetting the Syncthing index

I use Syncthing^[No, there’s no iOS client. I’m OK with that.] to keep my laptop, desktop, and workshop computers in sync.^[Why don’t I just use Dropbox like everyone else? I trust peer-to-peer syncing because I’m in control. I don’t know what Dropbox is up to.] At least 99.9% of the time it works perfectly. Rarely, it seems to choke because of some edge case that I’ve never been able to sort out.

Using AppleScript with MailTags

I’m a fan of using metadata to classify and file things rather than declarative systems of nested folders. Most of the documents and data that I store for personal use are in DEVONthink which has robust support for metadata. On the email side, there’s MailTags which lets you apply metadata to emails. Since MailTags also supports AppleScript, I began to wonder whether it might be possible to script workflows around email processing.