Trust in Mind

Sengcan, the Third Ancestor Listening to a series of excellent dharma talks from the San Francisco Zen Center, I first learned about the ancient poem “Trust in Mind”^[Full text of the poem, “Xinxinming”.] by the Third Ancestor of the Zen tradition, Jianzhi Sengcan (鑑智僧璨) It captures beautifully, even in translation, the essence of Zen. “The Perfect Way is only difficult for those who pick and choose;

marking time

marking time,eyes glazed, pupils constrictedto the head of a pinfrom facing the blue white sterile lightfor too longa zombie tribenumbering in the millionsif not morewaits.this throng, agitatedin a subdued anesthetizedway,crowns one of its owna clown of sortsknowing little of the pastless of the presentand practically nothingof the future.“why not? it could be worse.“in a strange unrealitya vaudeville show becomesits own rehearsal,a dreamish state from whichonly an atomic flashcan awaken a person.

Trumpku No. 1

 vicious neurotic,blue blood coursing in black heart.eyes piercing with lust.