Monday, September 17, 2018

Oh, those fiscally-responsible Republicans The president of debt Axios has an article on Trump’s love of debt. He’d borrow the first installment from Russia.

The Art of Just Enough

In the popular sci-fi movie series “The Matrix”, a handful of humans discover that the perception of reality has been artificially engineered by computer software. By taking the red pill1 a person can be released from the deception, thereby seeing things as they truly are. About material “stuff”, I’ve had the same sort of epiphany. Three years ago, we decided we needed to build a house.

Middle class economics and false dichotomies

Patricia Cohen’s piece “Middle Class, but Feeling Economically Insecure”1 published yesterday in the New York Times raises several discrepancies between the economics of the middle class and one’s identification with that group. Reading the comments on the article I was struck by how divided Americans' points of view are when it comes to the middle class and the causes of its distress. Clearly middle class wages have stagnated in the years immediately preceding and following 9/11.