Changing the file creation date on macOS

If you modify a file in-place using sed with the -i option, you will get a file that has a new file creation date. On macOS 13.3.1, this is absolutely 100% true, although you will read claims otherwise. I ran into this problem while implementing a Hazel rule that updates YAML automatically in my Obsidian notes. Background I have use YAML frontmatter in my Obsidian notes. It looks like: —uid:20221120152124aliases:[20221120152124,AllAboutShell]cdate:2022-11-2015:21mdate:2023-05-1805:14type:zettel— My goal is to update the mdate field whenever the file changes.

Partitioning a large directory into subdirectories by size

Since I’m not fond of carrying around all my photos on a cell phone where they’re perpetually at list of loss, I peridiocally dump the image and video files to a drive on my desktop for later burning to optical disc.1 Saving these images in archival form is a hedge against the bet that my existing backup system won’t fail someday. I’m using Blue-Ray optical discs to archive these image and video files; and each stores 25 GB of data.