Fine-tuning caching for S3-hosted static blogs using AWS CLI

Because the blogging system that I use doesn’t apply finely grained object-level caching rules, I end up with objects such as images that cache appropriately but an index.html page that does not. I don’t want client browsers to hang on to the main index.html page for more than an hour or so because it should update much more frequently than that as its content changes. It’s possible that I could dig around under the hood of hexo and create a version that applies customized caching rules.

Automate hexo blogging tasks with Grunt

In my never-ending journey to find the optimal blogging platform, I wandered into the hexo camp. Among its many attributes is speed. Compared to Octopress, site generation is very fast. However, deployment has been tricky. Since I host my blogs from an Amazon S3 bucket, I tried to use the aws deployer commonly used with hexo; but I could never get it to install properly on OS X 10.11. So I wrote my own deployer that essentially just runs an AppleScript that handles the synchronization task.

A new hexo deployer for Amazon web services

I recently migrated this and my other blog to Hexo which is a very fast static blogging framework built on node.js. As when I used Octopress, this blog is still hosted from an AWS S3 bucket. However the deployers that I tried with Hexo failed because of dependencies that were incompatible with the OS X version I was running. Not being a node.js expert, and having no time to delve into node.